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Our History

Tradition meets innovation: Developing top-quality dental technology products and services since 1926.

Our History

How it all started

SCHEU GROUP today looks back on almost 100 years of company and innovation history: a history of growth and passion for dental technology. A history that makes us proud.

Historic Impressions

From then until today


Company foundation

In 1926, dentist Rudolf Scheu founded the company SCHEU & WITTMER together with Ewald Wittmer in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia.



Market launch of the SCHEU anchor

In 1955, SCHEU-DENTAL launched the SCHEU anchor: prefabricated wire elements consisting of mouth-resistant and highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel alloys. To this day, it is unsurpassed in holding and spring force and is still part of the SCHEU-DENTAL product range.



Introduction BIOSTAR® thermoforming dental technology

The BIOSTAR® is the universal compression molding machine for all applications in thermoforming dental technology and set new standards in the dental industry.



New headquarters in Iserlohn

In 1967, SCHEU-DENTAL moved its headquarters from Hagen to Iserlohn, about 20 kilometers away.



Market launch of MINISTAR®

In 1992, SCHEU-DENTAL expanded its thermoforming dental technology with the MINISTAR® - a compact compression molding machine with scanning technology.



Entering the field of dental sleep medicine

In the mid-1990s, SCHEU-DENTAL expanded its portfolio to include dental sleep medicine.




In 2000, SCHEU-DENTAL expanded its storage area and office space at its headquarters in Iserlohn.



Acquisition of smile dental

In 2007, SCHEU-DENTAL expanded its range of products to include fixed orthodontics with the acquisition of smile dental.



Foundation of CA DIGITAL

In 2011, Christian Scheu and Dr. Yong-min Jo founded CA DIGITAL GmbH with a focus on digital orthodontics.



Introduction CA® CLEAR ALIGNER

In 2011, CA DIGITAL introduced the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER for invisible tooth corrections.



Introduction of 3D printing

The introduction of 3D printing significantly changed the generative manufacturing processes of orthodontics.



Market leader and digital expert

Five years after its foundation, CA DIGITAL has already become the market-leading partner in digital orthodontics and digital dentistry. CA DIGITAL is the first company on the market to offer a complete digital solution that enables different orthodontic instruments within one open system.



Armira wird neuer Gesellschafter für SCHEU-DENTAL

In 2019, the Armira - Beteiligungsgesellschaft acquired a majority stake in SCHEU-DENTAL. Armira is an entrepreneurial industrial holding company based in Munich, Germany, whose focus lies on established and profitable companies like SCHEU-DENTAL.



Foundation of the SCHEU GROUP

In April 2020, SCHEU-DENTAL, CA DIGITAL and smile dental merged to form the SCHEU GROUP. The management team consists of Markus Bappert, Chairman of the Management Board, Ph. D. Yong-min Jo, Managing Director Corporate Development, and Alexander Müller, Managing Director Finance.

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Our Values

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