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    Clasps and bars

    J Clasp

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    J Clasp oblique

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    Jaw fracture splint

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    JM Clasp

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    Lingual bar

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    N Clasp

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    NK Clasp

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    O Clasp

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    OK Clasp

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    PROFI Bar

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    T Clasp

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    TK Clasp

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    For us at SCHEU-DENTAL continuity and quality go hand in hand.

    We have been manufacturing clasps for more than 90 years. Based on that experience, our range of clasps and bars has become a benchmark. Made of high-grade stainless steel alloys with excellent resistance to oral conditions, fabricated in a cutting and cold forming process, from one piece without soldering connections and with highly-polished surface. Our clasps are of excellent elasticity and stability – your patients can trust you.


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    What we stand for

    Experience & Passion

    • Over 90 years of experience
    • Quality made in Germany
    • Your partner in digitalization

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    Tradition & Innovation

    We regularly research and develop new ideas that make your everyday work in the laboratory and practice easier.

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